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Health and Wellness Info Session - June 10, 2020

Hi all! Here's a recap of our Health and Wellness Info Session held on Zoom on June 10, 2020.


  • The goal of this meeting is to discuss South Florida’s reopening status and what physical activities you can and cannot do, how to stay safe and healthy while doing those activities, and how you can use this time to think about better eating habits.

  • USAU Updates

  • At this time, USAU does not have a blanket policy against sanctioning events this summer. They will be sanctioning tournaments and events o n a case-by-case basis and any sanctioned event must have signed approval by local authorities ensuring events are in compliance with local COVID policies.

  • There will be no sanctioned TCT events - through

  • The requirement for teams to compete in 10 sanctioned games in order to qualify for the series have been waived this season.

  • At this time, the series (sectionals and regionals) is still scheduled.

  • Survey Response

  • 20 responses

  • People are hesitant to fly and stay in hotel. Will return to ultimate in a phased way. Will revisit Sectionals/Regionals at a later date.

South Florida COVID-19 update

  • Miami-Dade and Broward are separate from rest of State of Florida. Do not follow State of Florida reopening dates if you are in Broward and Miami-Dade.

  • Cities can implement laws that are more stringent than the County.

  • Many cities are following the Counties but certain Cities have felt the need to be more stringent so be aware.

  • Check County and City websites. Follow them on social media.

  • As of June 8th - gyms have reopened in Broward and Miami-Dade

  • Miami-Dade and Broward parks open for passive use

  • At this time, we do not know when organized sports will be allowed

  • What is passive use?

  • No organized sports - we have been told that organized sports could be allowed early July at earliest but that is tentative

  • Jogging and walking on paths is 100% okay

  • Doing field workouts and throwing is a maybe - unclear if fields are open or not. It depends

Recommended Activities

  • Throwing

  • Kung Fu Throwing (1 hour)

  • Zen Throwing (20-30 minutes)

  • Focus throwing basics (5yds-10yds-15yds-20yds)

  • Field workouts

  • These workouts are social distance friendly! Require a small amount of space and can be done alone or with a partner

How to be safe in the wild


  2. Always air on the side of caution and self-care. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it is not worth the risk or putting yourself in a weird situation.

  3. Plan ahead with your friend/accomplices. Remember people have varying degrees of comfort so talking it out beforehand is a good idea.

  4. Assess the situation before entering/committing to the space

  5. Does it look feasible to maintain a 6-foot distance buffer?

  6. Drive around and check it out, if possible


  8. Bring your hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, gloves, Lysol can or disinfectant spray, and masks (check out Darly’s Etsy page) or bandana. Squeezy water bottle or straw’

  9. CONES

  10. Plus whatever makes you happy - snacks, cleats, water, sunscreen, towels, etc.

  11. DURING

  12. Wear masks during non-strenuous activities (throwing, walking, warm up, light jogging - try nose breathing!)

  13. Set out cones to stake out your space - towels could work too.

  14. Keep a safe distance from your friends/accomplices

  15. AFTER

  16. Selfie to the Fun Fiasco GroupMe!

  17. Remove gloves properly and before touching new surfaces

  18. Toss the gloves at the park or wherever - avoid them bringing them into your car, if possible

  19. Wipe down the frisbee and any materials you use (cones, speaker, etc.)

  20. Sanitize ya filthy hands before touching all your stuff in your car.

  21. Immediately shower, wash off, and toss clothes in the hamper when you go home.

  22. AT THE GYM

  23. Minimize unique touches (use least amount of equipment possible)

  24. Businesses are cognizant of fitness

  25. Wear gloves

  26. Wipe things down before and after you use them

  27. Consider leaving your water battle off the gym floor

  28. Consider using a water bottle that does not require touching for opening/closing

  29. Be extra cautious - you may need to santize things you did not in the past like dumbbells, barbells, kettlebell, etc.

  30. If you’re comfortable wearing a mask doing slower, less strenuous activities, do that

  31. Steady state cardio/lower impact to prevent heavy breathing

  32. Try to go during low traffic hours for social distancing - ask the front desk

How to fuel yourself correctly

What's New

We'll post information here for events, team meetings, team information, frisbee season information, etc. 

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